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The Adventurer´s Table

Work space and axis of reflection

We designed and coordinated the so-called “Adventurer´s Table” for the Regional Exhibition of Lower Austria 2011 (“Conquer, Discover, Experience”).

Numerous co-partners, scientists, scenographers and multimedia-designers contributed to creating the concept for the Adventurer´s Table.
The „ Adventurer´s Table“ not only shapes the architecture of the room and gives the room its formal structure but is also a guidepost, an axis of reflextion and work space.

There is more to putting together an exhibit than the mere field-work of collecting of objects and then displaying them in a showcase. It also includes the process of interpretation that the visitor can retrace at the “Adventurer´s Table”. Parts of the exhibition deal with collecting and classifying, others deal with navigation and mapping. Historic globes are arranged all along the sides of the table (length 28 meters) which symbolize the different perceptions of the world in modern times.

Wolfgang Meisinger, Christian Rapp
Regional Exhibition of Lower Austria 2011
(NÖ Landesausstellung 2011)
Schallaburg Kulturbetriebsges.m.b.H.
Kulturfabrik Hainburg
pla.net architects ZT GMBH
Graphic design
Lothar Bienenstein
Martina Schönherr, Renate Woditschka, Konrad Zirm
Dominik Guggenberger
Wunderkammer (Angelika Höckner, Gerald Moser)
Duration of the Exhibition
14th April 2011 to 15th November 2011

The exhibition impresses by its great attention to detail.
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The exibit is a hands-on show with peep boxes and interactive areas that turn visiting a museum into an expedition.
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