Kultur und Medienprojekte

Herrengasse 6-8/2/15, A 1010 Wien

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What do good ideas and good projects have in common? Both need a good story behind them. A good story is easy to understand and spreads rapidly. And storytelling is our speciality.

As curators, writers, consultants and experts in interactive exhibits, our portfolio ranges from content consulting to organizing major exhibitions.

In recent years numerous companies have benefited from our expertise and have asked us to design their visitor centers or prepare their company histories.

Content and strategy consulting

We bring many years of consulting work and are members of the Professional Association of Management Consultancy and Information Technology (within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber of Commerce).

We focus on:

  • Analyzing collections and cultural institutions
  • Trend analysis and international comparative research
  • Strategic planning and feasibility studies, evaluation of economic efficiency

Exhibitions, Visitor centers, Museums

Our policy is to always involve our clients and to take into consideration the potential of our clients.

  • Conceptual planning and development of storylines
  • Development of multimedia areas and interactive exhibits
  • Research and copyright clearance
  • Project management for media and multimedia projects
  • We put together, organize and coordinate teams

For more information please contact us at office@rapp-wimberger.com

Nadia Rapp-Wimberger

Founder and Co-Managing Director of rapp&wimberger

Astrid Göttche

Project development and organisation

Wolfgang Meisinger