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Glory & Gloom

Life with the Great War 1914–1918

The effects of World War I are still perceptible today. Modern-day society even resembles somewhat that of 1914, both marked by rapid change and lack of confidence in the future. During WWI there was a fine line between Jubilation and Misery, Grief and Hope, Victory and Defeat, Destruction and Liberation.

The exhibition puts its focus mainly on the stories of individuals: how they experienced the war and the battles at different fronts, but also everyday life behind the front and back home. Everyone was affected: women, men, children and elderly people. The exhibit shows numerous personal memorabilia that have never been exhibited before, personal belongings that make the First World War palpable.

Objects related to the assassination of the successor to the Austrian throne, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, are displayed, as well as crafts made by soldiers and prisoners of war, tender letters exchanged between soldiers and their relatives, paintings by Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka with their visions of the war and rare treasures from collections from Austria and abroad.

The different themes of the exhibition are: the World in 1914, the nations at arms, Euphoria and Disenchantment, the propaganda war, the different Fronts and the home front, the Russian Revolution, the year 1918 – the year everything ended and everything began.

“Glory & Gloom” is impressive not only due to more than 1000 objects exhibited: the team successfully set up a thrilling exhibition full of dramatic moments.
Thomas Trenkler, Der Standard

An elaborate and interesting exhibition, which is not arranged chronologically but thematically and offers a wide and dense range of exhibits.
Charles E. Ritterbrand, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

The most ambitious exhibition of the WW1 centenary.
Visitors to the Schallaburg are rewarded with a top standard exhibition.
Matthias Dusini, Falter