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Bathing Pleasures

Private Bath Culture in Vienna

Until around 1970, more than half of the Viennese population did not have their own private bathroom. At the time, running hot water and a shower within the kitchen were considered state of the art.

The exhibition „Bathing Pleasures“ shows the “evolution” of the bath from the “turn of the century luxury” few could afford to the standardized room of today. Power supply companies and plumbers played a decisive role in the development of bathrooms by providing the necessary facilities.

The continuous-flow water heater or electric boiler not only changed our daily bathing-habits but also the layout of our homes. Eventually, people no longer washed themselves at their bedroom washstand but close to the lavatory or kitchen where hot running water and an energy supply were available.

The exhibition „Bathing Pleasures“ illustrates the development of the private bath regarding both engineering and social history.

At the end of the visit one can see the many still-unsolved problems and challenges to come regarding the bath: from the constant lack of space, the problem with mould in bathroom-corners and new energy concepts to the hassle with hair in the drain.


Astrid Göttche, Christian Rapp
In cooperation with students of the Institute of European Ethnology (Vienna, Austria)
Brennpunkt° – Museum of Heating Technology Vienna
pla.net architects ZT GMBH
Graphic design
Larissa Cerny with Althaler + Oblasser
Duration of the Exhibition
6th February 2011 to 28th December 2011